Knox College Dunedin



Being a resident at Knox College is an unbeatable University experience.

Haere Mai Te Kāreti o Knox.

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Unleash the Awesome: Knox College's Incredible Facilities!

Welcome to Knox College, where amazing facilities are just the beginning of your uni journey! Get ready to live your best college life with these awesome spaces:

  • Bedrooms of Dreams: Snooze in style in our cozy, comfortable bedrooms — your home away from home!
  • Library Lovin': Geek out in our top-notch library, where endless knowledge meets chill vibes. Perfect spot for those late-night cram sessions.
  • Buttery Bliss: Peckish? Dive into delish eats and hot drinks at our buttery. It's a place to hang, make a coffee/ hot choccie and even do some baking!
  • Cool Common Rooms: Hang out with pals in our common rooms — the ultimate chill zones for laughs, games, movies, study groups, and sharing stories.
  • Dine Like Royalty: The dining room is where foodie dreams come true. Fill your plate, grab a seat, and enjoy grub that's as good as Mum's cooking (shhh, don't tell her we said that!).
  • And so much more! Ready for socials, meetings, and indoor sports? Our Cameron Hall's got you covered! Plus, don't forget to hit the gym, jam out in the music room, and spend time with God in the chapel.

Living it up at Knox College? You'll have all these epic spaces and more to make your college experience one for the books. So get ready to study, snack, socialise, and even shoot some billiards — all right here!

We think Knox truly is a special place. But don't just take our word for it.

Coming to Dunedin and staying at Knox was the best decision I could have made. The environment is welcoming and inclusive, and the loyalty that Knoxies have for each other and for the college is truly inspiring. The sense of unity and pride our residents have in our traditions and culture is central to the success of the college.


I have loved being surrounded by such a supportive, friendly (and extremely entertaining) group of students and staff here at Knox. I've been so lucky to make such an amazing group of friends, who have many similar interests and goals, but who have also got me to try new things and step outside my comfort zone.


I thrive off its traditions and the standard that is has upheld for over a century. I love that we are a family, and that once you are a Knoxie you are always a Knoxie. From your first minute within the walls you have joined a long line of prestigious students and senior executive that sets you up with contacts and friends for life


My main reason for returning is the balance between social and academic life here at Knox. The College has given me many tools to better myself socially, through events like the Hops, and academically, through tutorials. Living at Knox has been a great start to university.