About Knox College


Established in 1909, Knox College –Te Kāreti o Knox, is one of New Zealand's original and best-known residential colleges.  


Affiliated with the University of Otago, Knox College is a place where we celebrate one thing above all else: a genuine love for learning. Many Knox residents have gone on to shine in various fields, from arts to sciences, politics, religion, law, commerce, teaching, medicine and more.

However, what matters most is your passion for discovery and your commitment to giving it your all. Knox offers robust tutorials, amazing study spots (have you seen our Hewitson Library?), and a supportive community to help you chase your academic dreams, no matter what they are. So, if you're someone who craves knowledge and embraces learning in all its forms, Knox College welcomes you with open arms.

Knox College sits on a lush, green hillside, a pleasant 15-minute walk through Dunedin's Botanic Garden from the University campus.

But hey, even if you're not up for a walk, don't sweat it! We've got a free shuttle service that'll whisk you away in time for the first lectures of the day, and back to the College in the evenings.

Now, once you set foot here, get ready for the WOW factor! Our campus, from the lush grounds to the magnificent buildings and facilities, is nothing short of amazing.

In 2013, we gave our Tower Block a major earthquake-proof makeover, and in the summer of 2019-20, we spruced up our other accommodation units. Combine that with our stunning heritage building, and you've got a unique mix of historic charm and modern comfort that's hard to beat.


Knox College is like a lively hub with 260 undergrads and postgrads calling it home, and we welcome Knoxies from all year levels - from first year through to PhD.

Student lead leadership is the beating heart of the place. Whether that be for music, culture, academics, sports, volunteering, sustainability, special character, documenting college life, social events… there are formal and informal roles for students to get amongst and make a difference to the Knox experience!

We’re super keen on keeping the balance between a bit of positive ‘tradition’ and making sure we’re a modern community.

Speaking of traditions, we've got some cool ones here. We've got a ceremonial officer called the Beadle (it's a big deal among residents); our dining room goes by the fancy name "Great Hall" and we've even got a common room called the Buttery.

Oh, and Sundays? They're not just for chilling. We do community dinners sometimes, complete with entertainment from our own talented Knoxies between courses. Plus, we like to shake things up with fun themed events, like our epic mid-winter Christmas and Time Warp (think retro-throwback). Yep, dining at Knox is never boring!

Essential information for students

If you're looking for the lowdown on life at Knox, we've got you covered. Check out the Residents' Handbook — it's your go-to guide for all things Knox, from rules and regulations to insider tips.

Our Vision and Whakatauākī

Our vision is to be a world-class residential college where students are part of a community that affirms and empowers every resident, expands thought and outlook, encourages service, fosters leadership, and builds strong bonds of friendship.

Ko te toa i a tini, i a mano o te takata

— It is the bravery of a multitude, of thousands of people.

This Ngāi Tahu whakatauākī refers to the strength of collectivity, and testifies to the vibrancy of the living tradition which Knox represents, stretching back to 1909, but also reaching into the future as each cohort of students contributes to the Knox story and legacy. It is attributed to Tū Whakauika & Te Oreorehua.