How to Apply


As a College affiliated to the University of Otago, Knox follows the University's application procedures. 


To apply for a spot at Knox College, make sure to fill out the Accommodation Application Form online. Applications open 1 August and close on 29 September. If you've got your heart set on Knox as your top choice, don't worry, your application will be sent our way for review. We start sending out offers in early October.

In the event that, regrettably, your application is not accepted by Knox College, it will not be lost in the process. It'll head back to the Accommodation Office, where they'll quickly pass it along to your second-choice College, and so on. We also recommend considering Salmond, our partner college, as an excellent choice. So, get those applications in, and let's kickstart your university adventure!

Want to make a late accommodation application for Semester 1? Make sure you complete the University’s Accommodation Application Form.

Looking for accommodation for Semester 2? Applications open 1 April through the University’s Accommodation Application Form, or please contact

For more information about the application process, contact the University of Otago's Student Accommodation Centre (

Getting Information

Before you decide to apply for a place at Knox, you should get as much information as possible. Read this website and our Residents’ Handbook and talk to former students from your school who are current Knox residents. You can also make an appointment to have a tour of the College. Just contact our Admin Office:

Accommodation Contract

The Agreement for Admission is a legally binding contract and should be read in conjunction with the Residents' Handbook.

Selection Criteria

Knox is a learning community, so one of the things we look at for on your application is your academic performance. We check out your school referees' reports and your exam results, both internal and external. We want a diverse community, that means we don’t just take tauira who are top scholars on paper. We also want an interesting community- so extra curricular, part-time jobs, service etc are really important too.

But, we're also on the lookout for interesting and enthusiastic students who are keen to make the most of their vibrant college life. We want you to take your studies seriously, of course, but we're all about making the most of your time with us. If you've got skills in the arts, culture, sports, leadership, or community involvement, that's a big plus. We're all about people who bring something unique to the table and who value others as much as we do.

It's all about you and what you bring to the mix. So, when you apply, please submit as much relevant information as possible. We pick students from all corners of the country and beyond, and we're big fans of diversity.

Financial Assistance

The Foundation for Knox College and Salmond College is all about helping out promising young students who might miss out on the awesome educational environment Knox College has to offer due to financial constraints. Think of these accommodation scholarships as your golden ticket to an incredible educational journey. So, if you're a capable student with big dreams but need some financial support to make them happen, we're here to help.