As a College affiliated to the University, Knox follows the University's application procedures.

You should complete the University’s application form (the Common Application Form) and submit it online. 

Over August and September, the University's Accommodation Office accepts applications for the following year. If you put Knox College down as your first-choice College, your forms will be forwarded to us for consideration. The first round of offers will be made in early October. If your application is unsuccessful it will be returned to the Accommodation Office where it will be referred quickly to your second-choice College, and so on. Please consider our partner college, Salmond, for your second-choice.

For more information about the application process, contact the University of Otago's Student Accommodation Centre (

Getting Information

Before you decide to apply for a place at Knox, you should get as much information as possible.  Read this website and talk to former students from your school who are current Knox residents. You can also make an appointment to have a tour of the College. Just contact our Admin Office:

Accommodation Contract

The Agreement for Admission is a legally binding contract and should be read in conjunction with the Residents' Handbook, which can be found on our Home page.

Selection Criteria

Knox is an academic community, so a primary consideration for admission is academic merit.  This is assessed from school referees’ reports and from internal and external examination results.

The College looks for interesting and enthusiastic students who are keen to participate in College life and who will take their studies seriously while making the most of their undergraduate years. Preference may be given to those who have proved themselves proficient in cultural areas, in the sporting arena, in leadership roles and in their contribution to the community at large. Knox values people who value others and who contribute to and enjoy community life.

No limitation is placed on the number of applicants accepted from any particular school.  As an applicant, you will be judged solely on the information provided in your application and by your referees, so you are encouraged to submit as much relevant information as possible. Each year we select worthy residents from as wide a range of schools as possible from throughout the country and overseas. We value diversity.

Financial Assistance

The Foundation for Knox College and Salmond College offers accommodation scholarships to promising young students who, without financial assistance, would not be able to experience the unique educational environment that Knox College provides.