What Residents Say

We think Knox truly is a special place. But don't just take our word for it.

In a student survey from 2022 where we asked students about their experience here, a whooping 85% of our students rated their Knox experience 'excellent' or 'very good'. And, a staggering 91% said they'd recommend Knox to anyone considering it.

Check out this 2021 video by ex-Knoxie Abby Wallace

Here's what a selection of first-year Knoxies said about their experience and why they came back for a second year.


"Coming to Dunedin and staying at Knox was the best decision I could have made. The environment is welcoming and inclusive, and the loyalty that Knoxies have for each other and for the college is truly inspiring. The sense of unity and pride our residents have in our traditions and culture is central to the success of the college. It's not only the social environment that is inspiring - Knox's effortless beauty makes the walk back from Uni worth it every time. Sometimes I walk up the main driveway at night, and when the bushes finally part to reveal the tower, elegantly looming against the stars, I am always left awe-struck. Every little girl dreams of living in a castle, and every day I come home to one. That's not a blessing I take lightly!"


"I have loved being surrounded by such a supportive, friendly (and extremely entertaining) group of students and staff here at Knox. I've been so lucky to make such an amazing group of friends, who have many similar interests and goals, but who have also got me to try new things and step outside my comfort zone."


"I like Knox because it's such a friendly environment, and I love how the traditions are a big part of it. Since the first day you arrive you meet so many new people that are at the same level as you of knowing what to do, but then you also have the second year residents who can help you through if you don't know what to do."


"I love everything that Knox embodies. I cherish its God-centred foundations and the chance it gives students to explore their spirituality. I thrive off its traditions and the standard that is has upheld for over a century. I love that we are a family, and that once you are a Knoxie you are always a Knoxie. From your first minute within the walls you have joined a long line of prestigious students and senior executive that sets you up with contacts and friends for life."


"The best quality about Knox is how close everyone is. Everyone knows each other. I also like that Knox has all the facilities I need right here so I can go to the gym, get tutoring and go to the library without having to walk anywhere really. It saves a lot of time and increases my motivation too. Having events all throughout the year is another reason for coming to Knox. Especially the ski trip. It was my first time skiing in about seven or eight years, and it was the most fun I have had in a long time."


"My main reason for returning is the balance between social and academic life here at Knox. The College has given me many tools to better myself socially, through events like the Hops, and academically, through tutorials. Living at Knox has been a great start to university."


"I have enjoyed the sense of community within the grounds, creating close relationships with not only the students, but also the staff and Sub-masters. Additionally, the tradition which Knox incorporates into everyday activities is unique. The formalities of the college provide a sense of class and sophistication which I personally love. Formal dinners on Sunday create a sense of belonging. Furthermore, the tutorials have been beneficial to my study habits. As a health Science student wanting to gain entry into Pharmacy, I am grateful for the academic support that the college offers."