Our People

Head of College: Caroline Hepburn-Doole

Caroline took the helm as the Head of College on May 3, 2021, after five years as the Deputy Master of College. But her journey goes beyond the halls of Knox; Caroline's background is rooted in secondary school teaching and leadership.

She brings a wealth of experience to Knox College, and she's not just the Head of College; she's our first Head of College (the previous 8 leaders were ‘Masters’) and is the first woman to hold this position.

Caroline envisions a bright future for Knox, building on its rich history while embracing change and growth. Working with staff and residents to find how best to serve a modern and diverse community in a college with so many years under its belt.

Having been at Knox since 2016, Caroline is deeply connected to the College, ensuring that our fundamental ethos remains intact while enhancing Knox’s pastoral care, academic support and cultural change, making Knox an even better place for our residents.

The Head of College is supported by a team of two Deputy Heads and the Sub-Masters

The Deputy Heads' main responsibility is to ensure that Residents have the pastoral and academic support they need.  They work with a team of Sub-Masters, each of whom has pastoral responsibility for a designated "neighbourhood" within the College.

The 2024 pastoral leadership team comprises Caroline Hepburn-Doole (Head of College), Helen Alderson (Deputy Head of College - Academic and Programmes), Dan Crossley (Deputy Head of College - Pastoral and Wellbeing), alongside Sub-Masters Chloe Hickin, Elizabeth Scalzi, Greta Rowan-Paul, Isaac Bishop, Kaitlin McIntyre, Laura Canton, Leo McKay, Matthew King, and Mohd Irfaan Mohd Ariffin.


Sub-Master Team

Deputy Head-Academic & Programmes: Helen Alderson, Deputy Head-Pastoral & Wellbeing: Dan Crossley

Operations Manager: Stewart Hibbert, Food Services Manager: Michael O'Brien, Property Manager: Dave Kennedy, Administration Manager: Julie Griffiths, Administrator/Receptionist: Marie Kinraid

Operations Team

The Operations Team is led by Stewart Hibbert the Operations Manager. Stewart is responsible for overseeing the College's administration, catering, finances and property functions. Julie Griffiths Administration Manager leads the Administration Team of Administrator/Receptionist Marie Kinraid.  The Food Services Manager, Michael O'Brien, runs the kitchen together with Head Chef, Lok Ng. The Property Manager Dave Kennedy is supported by Maintenance Officers Wayne Smith and Paul Rutter, and Groundsman Luke Areai.

As well as providing accommodation for University students, Knox College also houses the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and the Presbyterian Research Centre, which comprises the Hewitson Library and the Presbyterian Archives Unit. Knox residents are permitted to use the Hewitson Library and are expected to abide by its conditions of usage.

The Knox College Students' Club (KCSC) Executive

The KCSC holds its Annual General Meeting in September each year. Its main task is to elect an Executive, which holds office until the following AGM, and is responsible for organising College events, including the Cameron Shield and Nevill Cup competitions. The  2023 Executive is: Neih Neih Hlawnceu (President), Kolton Rintoul (Vice-President), Sam Blyth (Treasurer), Ilaria Old (Secretary), Accalia Guilford (Cultural Affairs), Riley Mortimer (Social), and Courtney-Rose Wilson and Luke Thomson (Sports). 

The Board of Knox College and Salmond College

The Board is appointed by the Presbyterian Church's Council of Assembly to govern Knox College and Salmond College.

The Chair of the Board is Murray Rae.

Correspondence with the Board can be directed through the Board Secretary, whose email address is: board.secretary@knoxandsalmondcollege.org 

The Board has its own web site.

The Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room comprises post-graduate students in residence, Submasters, College Fellows and the Principal of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. The primary purpose of the Senior Common Room is to help foster the academic and community life of the College. This happens in a variety of ways, not least of which by members attending selected College events, delivering academic addresses, and getting to know the members of the Junior Common Room. One of the most popular events each year is the Great Debate between the Senior and Junior Common Rooms.

There are three categories of College Fellow:

Life Fellows:  Reverend Emeritus Professor Maurice Andrew, the Reverend Emeritus Professor Sir Lloyd Geering, the Reverend Emeritus Professor Dr Peter Matheson, the Very Reverend Emeritus Principal Alister Rae, the Reverend Emeritus Principal Simon Rae, Professor Sir David Skegg.

Ex officio Fellows: The current Head and Deputy Head of Knox College, former Masters of Knox College, the Head of Salmond College, and current members of the Board of Knox College and Salmond College.

Quinquennial Fellows: Professor Amanda Barusch, Professor Spencer Beasley, Dr Hamish Campbell, Professor Hugh Campbell, Dr Christopher de Hamel, Professor Katherine Dickinson, Dr Kemp English, Professor Robin Gauld, Mr Timothy Gray, Emeritus Professor Dame Linda Holloway, Dr Basil Hutchinson, Professor Thomas Kardos, Mr Richard Madden,Mr Neville Martin, Mr John Matheson, Mr Stuart McLauchlan, the Reverend Graeme Munro, Professor Helen Nicholson, Professor Ross Notman, Professor Jessica Palmer, Dr Patricia Payne, Professor Nicola Peart ONZM, the Reverend Professor Murray Rae, the Reverend Dr John Roxborogh, Professor Peter Skegg, Professor Abby Smith, Her Honour Judge Annis Somerville, Mr Philip Somerville, Dr Royden Somerville KC, Associate Professor John Stenhouse, Professor Warren Tate, the Reverend Dr Steve Taylor, Professor Michelle Thompson-Fawcett, the Reverend Professor Paul Trebilco, Professor Antony Wood. 

Knox Alumni

The College has an active network of former residents (alumni). They keep in touch with one another and with the College via a Facebook Group.