Knox College comprises a range of buildings, from historic to modern, from stand-alone cottages and houses to a main accommodation block.

Bedrooms are generally equipped with a bed (and linen), study desk, work chair, easy chair and wardrobe. They are cleaned weekly. Twenty-five pairs of bedrooms in the main tower block, known as 'sets', have a shared lounge.

The main social hub of the College consists of the Junior Common Room and Great Hall. It is supplemented by the Buttery and other small common room areas around the College. The Junior Common Room, or Jace as it is affectionately known, has a grand piano and full-sized billiards table. The Ross Chapel constitutes the spiritual heart of the College (see more detail below). The beautiful Hewitson Library provides a substantial study space for residents, and the Cameron Hall a venue for College socials, meetings and indoor sports. The College also has a gym and music room.

The Hewitson Library

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The Ross Chapel

The Ross Chapel is open 24 hours a day as a quiet place for prayer and meditation. Choral Services are held there to mark special occasions such as Anzac Day. They are usually led by the University Chaplain, Jordan Redding. The Ross Chapel Choir is comprised of Knox residents. Non-resident friends of the College are always welcome at these services. The Chapel is also used occasionally for weddings and other special services.

The use of the Ross Chapel is linked to the special character of Knox College, which the Board of Knox College and Salmond College has described in terms which you can read about in the following document. Basically what it does is affirm the Church-based ownership and origins of the College whilst also affirming that the College values cultural and religious diversity and, as such, is open to people of all faiths and none. The College is a place where students are encouraged to expore issues of spirituality and religious identity that are meaningful to them.