Facilities at Knox College


Unleash the Awesome: Knox College's Incredible Facilities! 

Welcome to Knox College, where amazing facilities are just the beginning of your tertiary journey! Get ready to live your best college life with these awesome spaces:


  • Bedrooms of Dreams: Whether you’re in a heritage building or a newer neighbourhood, snooze in style in our cozy, comfortable bedrooms — your home away from home!
  • Library Lovin': Geek out in our top-notch library and tutorial rooms, where endless knowledge meets chill vibes. Perfect spot for those exam-time cram sessions.
  • Buttery Bliss: Hungry? Dive into tasty eats and hot drinks in our Buttery. It's a place to hang out, make a coffee/ hot chocolate and even do some baking!
  • Cool Common Rooms: Hang out with pals in our common rooms — the ultimate chill zones for laughs, games, movies, study groups, and sharing stories.
  • Dine Like Royalty: The dining room is where foodie dreams come true. Fill your plate, grab a seat, and enjoy grub that's as good as Mum's cooking (shhh, don't tell her we said that!).
  • And so much more! Ready for socials, movies and games nights? Our Cameron Hall's got you covered! Plus, don't forget to hit the gym, jam out in the music room, and reflect on life in the chapel.

Our Rooms

Knox College has a diverse variety of rooms, blending historical charm with modern comfort and spread across standalone cottages, purpose-built complexes, and our main accommodation ’Tower’ and associated wings.

Our bedrooms come with all the essentials: a comfy bed with fresh linen, a spacious study desk, a work chair, a lounging chair, and wardrobe. Plus, we make sure to help you keep your space tidy with weekly cleaning. 25 pairs of rooms in the main tower block also sport shared lounges.

At Knox College, we celebrate individuality! Our rooms are as unique as our residents, with a diverse range of styles and layouts. Forget about cookie-cutter living – here, you'll find assorted spaces that allow you to express your personality and make your room truly yours. Embrace the eclectic and make your Knox room a reflection of your one-of-a-kind self!

The Hewitson Library

Knox is the only university college in Dunedin that boasts access to a full-sized library — right on-site! It's the ideal place for reading, research, relaxing, and group study sessions. Perfect for when you need a quiet space to hit the books or simply unwind.

More information and log-in to the online library with the link below.

The Ross Chapel

Looking for a serene spot to unwind, reflect, or simply find some inner peace? Look no further than the Ross Chapel!

Open 24/7, this special space is perfect for quiet moments of reflection and meditation. But it's not just a peaceful hideaway – we also host special special services to celebrate occasions like Anzac Day and Matariki.

Did we mention our talented Choir? They're made up of Knox residents and add a beautiful touch to our services and other events. And the best part? You don't have to audition, be able to sight-read music or be a Resident to join. This is an ‘all-comers’ choir Knoxies and other colleges’ residents are welcome to be part of these special moments.

The Chapel isn't just about services. It's also a space where we honor Knox College's unique character. We embrace our Presbyterian-based roots while celebrating and welcoming everyone, of all faiths and none. At Knox, we encourage students to explore their spirituality and religious or faith identity in a way that's meaningful to them.

If you want to delve deeper into our special character, check out the document linked below.